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Your Ideas Are Mostly Worthless

Your Ideas Are Mostly Worthless:

You have about a million wonderful ideas floating around in your head. You’re a planner. You’re the idea person. Execution is for doers. You’re a thinker. You’re the idea person. People who do stuff neeeeeed you.


Ello | wordsicle

Ello | wordsicle:

Would you be surprised that I enjoy the heck out of Ello?

How I Started Writing Fiction – Wordsicle

How I Started Writing Fiction – Wordsicle:


You could read this: for a not-quite-perfect explanation of my current motivations. You could also just skip reading that and listen to these more eloquent people express more impressive expressions of the same ideas:

Ze Frank’s FILDI –

Ira Glass on the Creative Process –

Mercer Mayer (@MercerMayer)

Mercer Mayer (@MercerMayer):

Mercer Mayer is on Twitter. You should check it out in case you want to revisit your childhood:

He is addicted to hashtags. It’s funny. Little Critter would probably love hashtags.