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Rotten Johnny Reb – The Revenant of the Death Tree

Rotten Johnny Reb – The Revenant of the Death Tree:

A story about a stinky, dead confederate soldier and the stupid tree he hangs out with.

What’s the Difference Between A and…

What’s the Difference Between A and Z

Robert Misner (Wordsicle) on Twitter

Robert Misner (Wordsicle) on Twitter:

I’m a lot more active on Twitter than I am here. It’s a lot easier to find hilarious original content over there. You should follow me.

Zombies: A Complete History

Zombies: A Complete History:

The zombie timeline seems a lot more cool in the early bits. Stuff about old Haitian folklore and voodoo and visiting another country as a rebellious writer with a problem with addiction. And then we end up with Shaun of the Dead. (Still cool, but an altogether different kind.)